Mafate - Reunion Island 2015


Temps de lecture: 2 minutes

I’m Matthieu TALBOT, lead developer in the audio business. Welcome to my landing page !

I work at Expressive in Paris, and as a freelancer in virtually the entire planet Earth. I’m currently open for consultancy, contract-based and remote collaborations.


Music plays a central role in my life as it drives me to get better at everything I do. I practiced piano (jazz improvisation) for 7 years when I was young. I’ve been composing electronic music since 2003 and creating live performances since 2010. I try to interact with my favorite affordable-and-not-yet-intimidating artists. I’ve had the chance to collaborate twice with Tryad in 2012.

Developing and Leading

I graduated a five year Engineer degree in CS in 2014.

My job title is lead developer :

I develop innovative products that evolves in agile iterations. Analyze uncertainty, experiment, test with real clients, consolidate new knowledge, repeat : every part of a product switches from documented ideas, to interactive prototype, to tested code and working product, back and forth.

I lead the developer team by providing tools and methodology to empower them. I believe structure and short sprints reduce interruptions during working units and give room to implement better test-driven code. Implementing and testing new features is never scary, because code is shared using a distributed version control system, failure is revertible. Learned lessons are shared and formalized through weekly meeting and the wiki.


«Life is short», and most of my leisure time is spent reading. Brilliant readers already created must-read book list from brilliant authors. I humbly assembled the best of the best, books I would recommend even if one’s reading list is already too long. I also included surprising articles around the net.


Chances are that I sent you there not so long ago. If not, I would be interested to know how did you arrive here ! Please, contact me at matthieu (at) talbot (dot) audio.

Best !

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