Non, the open source modular DAW for linux.

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Non is a modular Digital Audio Workstation. It consist of four modules : Timeline, Sequencer, Mixer, and Session Manager. The suggested workflow is to open Session Manager first, to record and save your session : which modules did you launched ? what actions did you do with them ? etc. This modular setup helps making Non a robust software : if Session Manager doesn’t crash, a process that crashes only means the sound will be disabled until Session Manager restores this process.

The project is hosted on tuxfamily. It has a website, a git repository, and uses github for its issue tracker. Almost all the commits of this project are authored by Jonathan Moore Liles (original-male on github).

DAW + Modular + Open source = original paradigm that opens new opportunities. Would it be possible to port it for OSX or WINDOWS ?


Non website identifies 6 external dependencies :

  • libsndfile (Timeline : reading and writing wav files)
  • liblo (all : OSC support)
  • libsigc++ (Sequencer : typesafe callback system for c++)
  • liblrdf (Mixer : manipulate RDF files describing LADSPA plugins)
  • JACK (Timeline, Mixer, Sequencer : Audio support for JACK sound server daemon connexion)
  • NTK (all : GUI framework, fork of FLTK with support of Cairo and transparency)

NTK is linux/x11 only. That would require first porting this library before.


Non uses WAF for it’s build system.

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